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1.The need for outsourcingLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

The need for outsourcing

  • Education as an industry is the second largest industry domain across the world, second only to pharmaceutical industry.
  • Given the competitive scenario in the Indian Technical & Management Education Industry, it is the metrics on the following parameters that defines the successful sustainability and exponential growth of an institution.
    • Quality delivery on academics front
    • Value added & industry related training
    • Assessments on HR, Domain, Competency, Skill
    • Buliding customized resumes for students
    • Industrial Projects & Internships
    • Campus placements
  • Given the competitive scenario, which will only keep increasing day by day and setting new benchmarks, colleges needs to move from “expertise” to “excellence” in the delivery of academics front which is the core purpose of the institution
  • By outsourcing the non core functions to Professional Experts in the field, will bring in the much required cutting edge in the process of non-core yet very significant functions tagged with the academics
  • When the non-core functions are outsourced to the experts in the domain like VITC, the institution will get to focus more holistically on the core activities of academic functions and deliver excellence in that area.
  • The current set up of having a placement committee headed by an academician and supported by students might be a stop gap arrangement that definitely needs a professional support n the immediate future

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Counting on the benefits

The objectives of SDC are:

  • Cost – The current placement activity will require multiple resources and others incidental expenses associated with the team. At approximately a similar cost, we could bring in a more professional approach to the entire process
  • Focus – A dedicated team of professionals in the domain will have a more focused approach to the entire process and will bring in much required experience of skill & knowledge on bridging the industry institution divide
  • Accountability – When you have exclusive experienced resources with domain expertise in relevant area, we can have 100% accountability on the deliverables of the assignment, when compared with ateam of academicians and students on part time assignments on the same

3.Excerpts From Business StandardLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Excerpts From Business Standard

The way a consultant approaches the industry is different from the way we approach it. A faculty member or a student group can only do limited amount to networking. A consultancy can help better in a connecting us with the recruiting companies,” reasoned a placement chairperson of a Pune-based B-school, which did not wish to be identified.

We will work with the students to understand their background and the sector they are interested to work in,” said J Ramesh Kumar, general manager-operations, TROI. Accordingly, the company will help facilitate internships and final recruitments for the students by identifying the right employers. “We know the needs and expectations of companies when it comes to hiring and we will also know the students profiles. Hence, we can match them perfectly,” added Kumar..

Click on this link to read the article http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/b-schools-outsource-placements-to-hr-firms/397722/